LIRP at Age 1

You’re never “too young” to start building wealth

While most people don’t consider purchasing life insurance for young children, they do have other financial concerns, like building up a fund for future college education costs, and setting something aside for savings.

A LIRP can help to accomplish all that – and more!

In fact, by securing a LIRP when your child or grandchild is just starting out in the world, you can ensure their financial security for life – even long after you stop paying the premiums.

As an example, John and Debbie purchased a life insurance retirement plan for their grandson Joey when he was one year old – and their premium payment of just $1,200 per year for 20 years produced some impressive results.

In this case, Joey was able to access more than $133,241 in annual tax-free income starting at age 60, which provided him with nearly $3.5 million in total distribution from the policy over the next 30 years.

Joey was also able to “lock in” his insurance protection for life – even if he were to face an adverse health issue down the road – because permanent coverage is just exactly that…permanent.

His initial death benefit of $158,861 grew over time, and age 90, the coverage of more than $1.8 million was more than ten times its original amount. This, in turn, helped Joey to ensure that his loved ones would also have financial security in the future.


Annually paid for 20 years


total premiums paid


Annualized tax free income


total distributions from ages 60 to 90


Initial death benefit


death benefit @ age 90


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